Together -Small - Sasha Goodman

Angel Music Records is an independent record label
based in London, United Kingdom.

The main purpose of this company is to take care of all the aspects
related to songwriting, music arrangements, productions and promotions.
Through the years has managed to accomplish various worldwide music collaborations.

Angelo Camassa, CEO of Angel Music Records, before launching this project,
has collaborated with  Roberto Danova, CEO of  Plaza Records.
This collaboration has brought to life a few very successful songs,

Tu Per Me, written by Angelo Camassa and sung by La Voce Del Nord
and “It’s Wonderful” with millions of Youtube views.
Sung by Rock Mystery, co-written by Roberto Danova & Angelo Camassa.

Silvio Galasso, a very talented bass player, songwriter, arranger & producer,
has contributed immensely in many music projects.

Some of them are:

Mamma ciaowritten by Angelo Camassa and sung by Adelico.
arranged ^ produced by Silvio Galasso

Together, co-written by Silvio Galasso & Angelo Camassa and sung by Sasha Goodman.
Sasha, sadly passed away in October 2016 after a long battle with cancer.

Chante Pour Moi, written by Angelo Camassa,
arranged and produced by Silvio and sung by La MoniQ
Summer Storyco-written by Angelo & Silvio and sung by  Andy Benn.
Como Vivir,  co-written by Angelo Camassa & Gerardo Sierchio and sung by  Gex.
Tu Para Miwritten by Angelo Camassa, arranged & produced by Silvio.
sung by  Samuel Da Piedade.
The Dawn of Life,  co-written by George Arvanitidis & Angelo Camassa,
sung by George Arvanitidis.

Un Amore Completowritten by Angelo Camassa and sung by  Adelico
Nel Tango Dell’Amore, written by Angelo Camassa and sung by Mary T.
Tu Para Mimwritten by Angelo Camassa & Sandra Bullet, sung by  Sandra Bullet.